Learn about the comparison between filament lamps and fluorescent lamps.

Comparison # Filament Lamp:

1. Simple, reliable and cheap.

2. Average life 1000 hrs.

3. Reddish Light.


4. Life is not affected by frequent switching.

5. No stroboscopic effect.

6. Voltage variations, which vary with the wattage, affect the temperature, efficiency and also the life.

7. Brightness is very high and hence produces glare. Suitable for indirect lighting schemes.


8. It draws sinusoidal current from the supply.

Comparison # Fluorescent Lamp:

1. Initial cost is high due to starter and chokes and requires high maintenance. But efficiency is much higher.

2. Average life 3000 hrs.

3. Any colour of light can be obtained by proper use of phosphors. The light is of very superior quality.


4. Life is reduced by frequent switching.

5. Stroboscopic effect is present.

6. Voltage variation are absorbed in the choke and hence there no appreciable effect on effi­ciency and life.

7. Brightness is low and the light is well diffused. Produces very less glare and can be used with direct fittings.


8. It draws a non-sinusoidal current from the supply.