Get the answer of: How to chain a line ?


While chaining, two men, called chainmen are required. The chainman at the forward end who drags the chain forward is called the leader while the chainman at the rear end of the chain who follows the leader is called the follower. The leader inserts the arrows at the ends of chain-lengths while the follower goes on picking them up.

The follower should retain the rear handle of the chain in his hand and should not allow the chain to drag on the ground. Of the two, follower should be more experienced person than the leader as he is to impart instructions to the leader and accuracy depends upon his care and judgement.


Unfolding the Chain:

Before starting chaining, the follower keeping both handles of the chain in his left hand, spreads the chain with a forward push with the right hand. The leader taking one handle in his hand moves forward unless the chain is extended to its full length. The chain may then be tested and if necessary adjusted.

Operation of Chaining:

The follower stands at the beginning station with one handle of the chain under his heel. The leader with ten arrows, the other handle of the chain and a ranging rod moves in the forward direction dragging the chain after him. He stops after going an approximate chain length. The follower then directs the leader to range his rod in line with the end station.


The leader then marks a cross-scratch on the ground at the foot of the ranging rod and taking the handle in his both hands and standing in the line, straightens the chain by jerking it and stretches it taut over the mark. He then inserts an arrow at the outer edge of the handle to denote the full chain length.

The leader then starts off as before with the remaining number of arrows and the ranging rod. Reaching near the arrow, the follower calls out “Chain” to give a warning to the leader to stop. The follower then directs the leader into line as before. The leader after stretching the chain inserts the second arrow. The whole process is then repeated.

After the leader has inserted tenth arrow and the follower reaches near the same, leader calls out “Arrows” giving a warning to the follower that he has no arrow. The follower then removes the tenth arrow from the ground and comes to the leader and hand over him the ten arrows.

The change of arrows which means 10 chain-lengths completed is then recorded in the field-book. The process goes on till the end-station is reached, where the fractional reading of the chain is taken with the help of brass tags fixed to the chain.


Folding the Chain:

After chaining the line, the chain is then folded by taking the central two links in the left hand and then going on adding next couples of the links until a bundle of links is formed which is then tied up with a strip of leather.